A fully connected installation

Thanks to numerous connected sensors and processors, the system collects data and processes them in real time. The installation is autonomous and able to exchange with other systems (ERP, packing line, etc.). Digitalisation enables a more dynamic and flexible production by improving the operator experience.

User friendly

The recipe programming is simple on a user-friendly touch screen or computer. A clear and clean interface as well as online documentation available at any time helps the operator to be completely autonomous.

Operations Traceability

All operators’ actions on the machine interfaces are recorded on Dynavia’s distributed control system. They are stored on a pharma standard database that cannot be altered or removed.

Communication protocol – IO Link

Increased data availability (process, service, events), remote configuration and monitoring, simplified device replacement, extended diagnostics. A major tool to communicate, anticipate and maintain control over the installation.

Products Traceability

Upon arrival of liquids and powders, a RFID chip can be affixed on the IBC for traceability purposes throughout the process. It is impossible to load a product in the wrong place. It prevents human errors and ensures reliable monitoring.

Cyber security is Dynavia’s priority. We have put in place an operating system with multiple firewalls, a private network, and encrypted communication protocols to strengthen the protection and security of confidential data (process custom protocols and encrypted backups).