Our History

Inspired by the food and pharmaceutical industries, Dynavia is the result of years of knowledge and expertise.

The company was created in 2013 following a recurring observation about the seed industry: the machines were aging, becoming unsafe and unable to meet increasing production needs.

We started from scratch, using our expertise in various fields: agrochemistry, liquid mixing and grain conveying to develop a new application process while using the latest technologies: focus Industry 4.0.

After several years of R&D and in close collaboration with phytosanitary and seed companies, Dynavia has validated the quality of treatment obtained on multiple seeds. Today, a young and motivated team carry on innovating to fulfil tomorrow’s needs.

Dynavia Academy

We welcome you to our new assembly workshop of 1200m² – also called Dynavia Academy. It is dedicated to fabrication, assembly and tests as well as training operators on their own equipment, which we believe are the optimal conditions to learn.