Our Solution

Thinking out of the box, we have drawn up an innovative process that meets current and future expectations: machine flexibility that enhances operators’ safety where all manipulations, processes and cleaning are automated.

A seed treatment application process completely redesigned and developed from major elements essential for an efficient plant:

Exact weighing

The digital seed dosing system allows for perfect optimisation of the volume loading in the treater. Two feeders communicate constantly with components upstream and downstream of the installation to ensure smooth production.
The high accuracy of the weighing ensures an optimal processing line flow regardless of the seed species being treated.

Precise Dosing system

The exact quantity of ingredients for preparation of the premix, depending on the size of the batch to process, is brought to a liquid mixer via high-precision pumps and massflow meters.
Fitted with an agitator, the liquid mixer ensures the homogeneity of the premix before application, even for formulated products with low application rates.

Cleaning of the dosing system is fully automated.

Thanks to the technology developed for the premixes on demand, we stop all residues and waste. The quantity of product required for the application is perfectly dosed. Our technology gets rid of any risk of loss at the beginning and end of the batch which creates significant savings in raw materials.

New Generation Treater

New generation treater in 316L stainless steel inspired from the food industry.

The premix and powders are injected by several nozzles strategically positioned in the treater to optimise the homogeneity of the application. The fragility of the seed is respected and any risk of repetitive friction that could hinder the germination of the seed is ruled out by the use of soft mechanical movement during treatment.

Several treater batch sizes are available depending on the production capacity required.

Cleaning of the treater is fully automated.

Thanks to a perfect control of injections of premix and powders, as well as a new coating technique, Dynavia’s technology obtains a completely homogeneous result from the first to the last batch, without any quality variation.

Automated cleaning system

One of Dynavia’s priorities is the full containment of the machine to ensure zero operator contact with formulated products.

No operator action is required, hot water is sent, at different flows, into the installation for cleaning and rinsing. Effluents are collected and filtered for recycling.

With this cleaning system in place, the risk of cross-contamination is reduced to zero.
The full containment of the installation meets the protection requirements for the operators, who are never in direct contact with the active molecules.


A fully connected installation and new maintenance tools developed by Dynavia – head on to this page.